A Taste Of Kale

Kale Recipes
Kale might be a superfood – but did you know it’s also super easy to prepare and super tasty? Get Your Kale Recipes»

Kale Tips N’ Tricks

How To Make Kale Chips
Why does kale need to be massaged? What can I make to impress my guests at dinner? What is the easiest way to destem kale? How can I grow kale at home?Get your answer to all of these questions and more! Get Your Kale Fix»

Team Kale

By finding National Kale Day, you’ve taken the first step to joining Team Kale and being part of the Kale Army. Whether you are a parent, a foodie, a teacher, a healthcare professional or more – we’ve got tools and resources to help you spread the good word on kale. So KALE AWAY!

Want more information on National Kale Day and how to stay connected?

Kale Konfidential

Kale Konfidential Blog
Check out our blog with regular posts and updates from Drew & Jen, as well as our ambassadors and influencers!

Grow Kale

Growing Kale
Tips and how-to information for growing kale if you want to go beyond buying kale!

Kale Nation

Kale Nation
Check out these kale heroes, kale konverts and organizations supporting the kale movement!

Tons Of Kale Information For Parents, Foodies, Physicians and Teachers Download Your Kale Hero Toolkit Now»

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