Kale Goodies for Physicians


lacinato leavesHealth begins at the table. Set an example for your patients, staff, and your community and help spread the kale: from handouts for clients to planters full of edible, organic, beautiful kale — you can help promote the health benefits of kale.

Encourage patients to eat more kale for an array of health benefits, because many people don’t realize that changing their diet could change the quality of their lives. The key to staving off chronic diseases is avoiding fast food and highly processed foods and consuming more nutrient-dense plants like kale on a regular basis. Cooking kale is simply delicious. There are numerous books dedicated to the culinary delights of kale, along with incredibly fast and easy recipes.

An excellent source of vitamin K, folate, calcium, betacarotene, iron, fiber, and numerous phytonutrients, kale is a simple way to promote health and combat many illness without side effects. Make a kale bouquet on your checkout counter instead of flowers to show patients what kale looks like and check out our complete kale nutrition page.

5 Ways To Be A Kale Hero

  1. Talk to a patient about kale, and the importance of getting more leafy greens into their diet, every day. Have a measuring cup handy to show patients that 1 serving of leafy greens is 1 cup.
  2. Tweet or Facebook post about the health merits of kale, or show them “This is your Brain on Kale” (click here to tweet)
  3. Serve kale chips as a healthy snack in the waiting room.
  4. Show others how to download the complete Kale Hero Kit or share these fast and easy kale recipes
  5. Plant kale on the ground of your health care facility, and harvest it for staff lunch.

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