“50 Shades of Kale” is bound to excite your taste buds. Eating kale just got hotter. The very-good-for-you green is playing a naughty role in this new ode to kale that’s both digital cookbook and erotica. Or, “kale-rotica.”

Little did you know that kale was the new chocolate-covered strawberry. — Well + Good NYC, Good Food

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50 Shades of KaleWhat’s the sexiest handful of foliage? A handful of Kale battles cancer, inflammation, and low moods. Get ready to trim your waistline, boost your sex drive, and banish your brain fog — it’s your turn to become intimate with kale.

50 SHADES OF KALE by Dr. Drew Ramsey and veteran cookbook author Jennifer Iserloh is a colorful, delicious, and fun cookbook with 50 decadent recipes using Mother Nature’s top super food. Chock-full of information of the health benefits of kale pul tips for optimal preparation, 50 SHADES OF KALE compellingly makes the case for why you need to include it in your culinary repertoire now. Whether you are vegan, gluten-free, or a knife carrying meat eater, Dr. Ramsey and Iserloh will turn you on to kale.

Tongue-in-cheek introductions, gorgeous photos, and a simmering essay on kale’s health benefit, add a playful element as Dr. Drew exposes kale’s scientific side and health attributes and Jennifer highlights kale in some sinfully good recipes. From breakfast to cocktails, Kaleonnaise to Thai’d Up Roughage, readers learn fifty new pleasing ways to partner kale. Devour spicy Kalejitos, tasty Kale Chicken Enchiladas, and decadent Chocolate Kale Chip Cookies, without regret — every dish is less than 400 calories.

Before this wild collection of recipes (including vegan and gluten-free options), Dr. Drew and Jennifer provide a quick review of what actually makes kale one of the healthiest foods and is followed by tips for optimal kale shopping and preparation. Readers also learn Ramsey and Iserloh’s simple, but vital lessons for acquiring excellent and healthful meat, eggs, and seafood.

50 SHADES OF KALE is a fun and sexy romp powered by kale. Readers will receive an interesting and accessible behind the scenes look at nutritional science and benefits of kale as well as easy new ways to incorporate kale everyday in delicious recipes. Kale is a hot item and with this book, readers will learn how to use her right!

  • Healthy Eating & Shopping Guidelines
  • Brain and Health Benefits of Kale
  • Photo of Every Dish
  • Complete nutritional stats for each recipe (less then 400 calories for each)
  • Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
  • Kale Cocktails
  • Kale Desserts
  • Sides, Dips, Chips, and Apps
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Order your copy now and enjoy delicious, nutritious ways to enjoy kale.

| Hardcover | ISBN 0062272888 | Harper/Wave | September 2012

Image courtesy LuKach