Join Dr. Drew Ramsey and Chef Jennifer Iserloh in this National Kale Day On Air interview with Marydale DeBor, Founder of Fresh Advantage — talking about her company’s campaigns to get fresh, nutritious, and affordable food produced by sustainable methods into hospitals and cafeterias.

Marydale DeBor founded Fresh Advantage LLC after 25 years experience in health care administration and philanthropy, where she recognized the urgent need to revolutionize traditional institutional food service. Her goal is to place nutritious, wholesome, and tasty food at the center of medical care and disease prevention, as well as workplace wellness and health promotion.

She created Food is Primary Care™ for the company tag line to emphasize the profound impact that a diet of fresh, nutritious, and affordable food produced by sustainable methods plays in creating and maintaining health and productivity.

Marydale’s wide-ranging experience includes building long-standing relationships with local, state, and federal officials and forming partnerships with community-based organizations. She has a national reputation for assisting health care and senior living institutions, philanthropic organizations, and private companies to transform their food service programs.

She is skilled in strategic planning and program development, procurement, and supply chain innovation through tapping local and regional food systems. She and her project teams work extensively with everyone engaged in creating health-driven food service: large and small food service management companies and food distributors; medical, nutrition, and public health professionals; farmers; and most importantly, patients and consumers.

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