peanut pom saladUntil recent years, kale has been one of the most misunderstood, under-utilized vegetables. But it’s been sprouting up in healthy news, magazines, and all over the internet.

The kale frenzy might seem like a fad to some, but enthusiasm for this humble green says something deeper that goes beyond just the next hottest food trend. Supporting this versatile, easy-to-grow, highly nutritious veggie, means that Americans are ready to usher in a new age of health.

Getting someone excited about kale is as simple as serving up your favorite kale dish, whether you want to go classic with a simple kale salad or really mix things up with kale fudge pops. Here are 10 simply delicious ways to turn a kale newbie into a kale lover. To know kale is to love it!

10 Delicious Ways To Prepare Kale

kale-blueberry-smoothieMake a blueberry or cherry based smoothie, both nutritious fruits mask the slight bitter tang of kale.

Make your newbie their favorite food and “sneak in” a little kale. Toss thinly sliced kale into noodle dishes, or chop kale in a food processor and add to meatloaf, turkey or lentil-based, or burger meat mixture.

Kale chips are an easy sell for newbies, because no one can resist their crispy texture.

Newbies don’t always like the look of raw kale but this raw preparation will turn their heads! Massage fresh kale leaves with olive oil and a few pinches of salt. Slightly crush the leaves with your fingers and refrigerate in a covered bowl overnight for the ultimate soft, raw kale salad. Top with other superfoods before serving — like toasted nuts, chopped red bell pepper, or broccoli florets.

kale-juiceJuicing kale is easy, but most kale newbies don’t like the slight sulfur smell kale juice can have. Just juice a ripe banana along with any kind of kale to cut the odor. It’s also a great use for overly brown bananas. If you have a supercharged blender, you can also make a “whole juice” by blending kale with other superfoods like kiwi, spinach, and apple.

Summer time is perfect pesto weather! Swap out half the basil and add kale for a highly nutritious pasta.

Make green eggs and ham! Finely chop any type of kale in the food processor and whisk with your eggs. Top with a little cheese and serve with lean, sliced ham. Or add kale to your omelet.

Is your newbie a chili or soup fan? Kale is easy to slip into any recipes, just slice thinly and stir in during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

Cook a simple side of kale for your newbie: Sear your kale for more flavor and crispiness, just as you would sear your favorite protein. Heat a small skillet over high heat and add a teaspoon of canola oil, add your kale, a pinch of salt and press down with tongs or a small lid. Flip after 1 minute and cook an additional minute before serving.

Wilt kale in a hot, dry skillet. Tuck it into your favorite cheese quesadilla recipe.